Nowadays, people are more interested in sports and we can see the attraction of people towards sports in one of the famous sports fantasy that is JP Morgan Race London.

Let’s talk about J.P. Morgan Race:

  • Basically, J.P. Morgan Race is a challenging spread out worldwide and people are hooking up with it gradually.
  • London has organized this challenge or you can say the chase to explore the sports in the heart of the native people.
  • When people start talking about it they get motivated to be a part of it, because this is a version of sport which is affordable by every kind of people.
  • There is no such specific skills are required to be a part of J.P. Morgan Race.

What is it?

  • This is a series of 5.6 kilometers.
  • Here no one can join as an individual.
  • If you want to join you should have to be a part of any corporate or business organization.
  • J.P. Morgan race starts from organizational teams as well as with private sectors.
  • There can be an infinite number of teams with four members in each team.
  • Each organization has to register to take part in the race.


  • Organizations treat J.P. Morgan Race as an effective promotion style.
  • This event is used as a platform where companies promote their health and fitness in the workplace.
  • It shows connectivity with the environment also which makes employees of the company up to the mark when they are assigned to any task.
  • Events like J.P. Morgan Chase are the sources which makes a strong bond between the organization and its employees.

Pre-Race Training:

  • On the official site of J.P. Morgan race, you can download the official training plan.
  • There would be some entry fee to join this race; you have to submit the fee before the given deadline.
  • After submitting the fee, you and your team will be eligible for the chase.
  • J.P. Morgan corporate challenge provides all the entertainment after the event on race night in some hospitality village.

J.P. Morgan Race 2018:

  • Registration was opened on Monday 19th February 2018.
  • he date of J.P. Morgan Race was Wednesday 4th July and Thursday 5th July 2018.
  • Among the four members of a company there could be 4 men, 4 women or 2 men and 2 women.
  • In 2018, a race was started by the time 6:45 pm.
  • Scores were based on the time elapsed between the starting point to the end point.
  • At least three members of the qualifying team must be employed at an address in the greater metropolitan country.

J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge 2018 Results:

  • Lucy Reid was the top-ranked in women and her was from J.P. Morgan Staff Thurs.
  • Stephanie Davis was second rank holder from the company named LAZARD.
  • Last but not the least Lara Bromilow was third ranked from HSBC.
  • If we talk about Top three men in J.P. Morgan The race then the first ranked in 2018 was Jonathan Poole Represented COMMERZBANK.
  • The second ranker was James Hoad with BP PLC Company.
  • Third rank holder in men was Christopher Wright from ARUP.

J.P. Morgan Race 2019:

  • Those who are willing to take part in J. P. Morgan Race in 2019 they have to be aware of all important dates.
  • Till now organizations can prepare them employees by seeing all approaches and strategies followed by team members in 2018.
  • All the important dates are coming soon! So stay tuned.
    • Stay tuned for all updates